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Our Product Range includes :
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Linear Actuators, Self Contained Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, Semi-Rotary Actuators, Multi-turn or Stepping Actuators. We also manufacture bespoke Hydraulic Power units for specialist valve controls.

These can be supplied for use in Weatherproof, Intrinsically Safe and Explosion-proof environments.
Actuator solutions can be Modulating or Isolating with Thrusts : 50Kg to 130,000 Kg and Torques : 30Nm to 1.2 Million Nm

Various options including Spring or Accumulator failsafe, Stainless Steel or other exotic materials for hazardous environmental conditions.

E Series‘E’ Range of Electro-Hydraulic Linear and Rotary Actuators
S Series‘S’ Range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Stepping Actuators
Z Series‘Z’ Range Electro-Hydraulic Linear Self-Contained Actuators
HPU SeriesHydraulic Power Units and Special bespoke systems.

Return your Hydraulic Actuators and Cylinders for a full overhaul – all work is carried out by our experienced Hydraulic Engineers and in accordance with our Quality Management System to ISO9001-2015


We offer a full Service & Repair Facility including original Spares components. We also have a team of fully qualified Hydraulic Engineers available for all on site service, installation and commissioning work.

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