Hydraulic power units

Hydraulic power unit

Advanced Actuators offer a wide range of bespoke Hydraulic Power Units custom built to meet our customers specific requirements.

Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointStandard robust industrial Weatherproof applications

Advanced Actuators bullet pointHazardous Area applications

Advanced Actuators bullet pointRange of units upto 110 Kw

Advanced Actuators bullet point25 to 4000 litres

Advanced Actuators bullet point1.5 to 100 litres per minute

Advanced Actuators bullet pointStainless Steel Power units for Off-shore/Hazardous environment applications

Additional information

Standard units incorporate filler/breathers, level gauge,inspection cover, flange mounted electric motor, fixed displacament gear pump, filter, adjustable pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and isolator, baffle plate and drain plugs.

Other Options include :

Level switches, Thermostats, Heaters, Coolers, Variable Displacement Piston Pumps, Control Valves, Accumulators and various Electrical Control Gear.

Intelligent System Control – If you require a more advanced Control solution – click here

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