Intelligent System Control

Utilising a combination of automation products we can deliver a reliable control package to operate our Hydraulic Power units and Actuator control systems. Developed to control Steam Turbine Bypass and Start-up valves this equipment provides innovative leading edge technology for use in the Power Generation industry.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointHMI soft control Electronics.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointDedicated intelligent Hydraulic Power Unit software.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointComplete packaged Hydraulic Power Units with real time monitoring.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointAll system variables accessed via HMI Screen.

  • No programming by user needed.
  • Fully adjustable on site.
  • Multi User level access as standard.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointLocal HPU & Actuator Control via HMI Screen.

  • Full variable motor control for precise pressure control.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointThe latest screen technology with LED backlight for clear screens with wide viewing angles.

Click to view further information on our Advaced Actuators Ltd - pdf logo ‘ISC’ Hydraulic Power unit control (1.5mb pdf)

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