Linear ring main actuators

Linear ring main actuatorsThese Ring Main operated Actuators are a closed loop system with electronic positioning from a variety of electronic control signals with fully adjustable thrust and speed for each direction of travel.


Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointFully modulating or isolating

Advanced Actuators bullet pointFrom weatherproof to hazardous area Zone 1 IIB T3

Advanced Actuators bullet pointFail fix or fail close/open

Advanced Actuators bullet pointThrusts up to 80,000kg

Advanced Actuators bullet pointAdjustable speeds

Advanced Actuators bullet pointSolar powered if required

Advanced Actuators bullet pointWorking pressures up to 245 BARG


Additional information

The E range of actuators is suitable for on-off (isolating) or continuous (modulating) duty and can readily interface with a computer, programmable logic controller or conventional electrical control gear. Actuators can be made to respond to either analogue or digital control signals and can be supplied with solid state adjustable set points to correspond to desired positions of travel, mechanical limit switches, transducers, potentiometers, starters, position controllers and continuous position indication.

The versatility of hydraulics enables simple adjustment of speed and thrust/torque whilst various valve combinations enable the piston rod/output rod to be either locked or unlocked when at rest. Manual operation can be provided via a handpump whilst emergency power operation utilising either disc springs or accumulators can be incorporated as required.

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