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NOAH electric actuators distributed by Advanced Actuators


NOAH electric actuators

Advanced ACtuators are now the official UK distributor for the NOAH Electric Actuator Units which are designed for Quarter Turn applications in piping, ducting and various plants such as water treatment, pulp, paper, ship building and air conditioning with ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers.


Key product features

Engineered to be light weight and compact for greater versatility, its Compact and simple design will assure reliability and quality for customers even in hazardous locations.

The Noah Series of Actuators give the best automation solutions to you with their various models (30Nm – 2,500Nm) and options.

Options & Features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointSealing – Standard enclosure with ‘O’ Ring sealing is watertight to IEC IP67, NEMA4 and 6. The Actuator is available with optional explosion proof enclosure

Advanced Actuators bullet pointComponent Arrangement – Mechanical and Electric module can be seperated easily to improve assembling, maintenance and alteration od electrical requirements. Actuator has enought internal space for optional accessories

Advanced Actuators bullet pointManual Override – Hand/Auto declutching lever for handwheel engagement. The power drive is automatically restored by motor start

Advanced Actuators bullet pointAdaption – Base mounting is standard to ISO 5211. Drive bush is removable for machining to valve stem requirement

Advanced Actuators bullet pointHeater – A space heater inside the actuator prevents condensation due to temperature and weather changes. Standard 20W heater keeps all electrical components in the actuator clean and dry


Additional information

Limit Switches – The Limit Switch is activated by means of a simple and yet reliable cam mechanism mounted and driven by the centre column. The set position is permanent and is not affected by over-travel resulting from manual operation.

Torque Switches – Cam activated torque switches are easily adjustable to provide over-load protection. Self Locking – Rolled steel wormgear on aluminium bronze wormwheel self-locks to prevent valve back drive on signal or power failure.

Failsafe – Spring failsafe to close or Battery backup units are also available.


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