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ZBG linear self-contained actuators



'Z' Series linear self-contained actuator

Originally manufactured by Elram International Actuators as the ZBG range of electro-hydraulic actuators, by utilising hydraulic fluid as an operating medium, provides a versatile and efficient means of transferring power from an electric motor to linear motion.

These machines have proven reliability throughout the world for over 40 years.

We now manufacture the upgraded 'Z' series which replaces the older ZBG models however we can still offer the full range of spares & repairs for the Actuators.

The new 'Z' Series actuators units are designed to meet customer bespoke requirements and will directly replace any ZBG actuators as required.


Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointCompletely self contained – external pipework, power packs : compressors not required

Advanced Actuators bullet pointThrusts and Speeds fully adjustable for each direction of travel

Advanced Actuators bullet pointSmooth vibration free operation

Advanced Actuators bullet pointThe units are weatherproof and can include various options including – explosionproof, various mountings, manual operation, spring or accumulator failsafe

Advanced Actuators bullet pointActuator Thrust ranges 250 to 80,000 kgf

Advanced Actuators bullet pointActuator Speed ranges of 2 to 500mm/sec


Additional information

This range of actuators has evolved during the past 40 years and is now a universally accepted, unique and versatile electro-hydraulic product. Throughout this 40 year period the actuators have been supplied to almost every country in the world and locations include the American deserts, Siberian copper mines, Canadian frozen wastes, and South African gold mines.

These units were originally manufactured by Elram International Actuators Ltd and are now supplied by Advanced Components. We also offer a full service and repair facility for the ZBG Actuator units as well as all other hydraulic equipment.

Industrial sectors covered include mining above and below ground, steelworks, nuclear and fossil fired power stations, waterworks, sewage works, off-shore, and the marine industry. A worldwide sales and back up service is provided either by Advanced, associated companies, or licensed agents.

Typical applications include bunker doors; airlock doors; tilting platforms; incineration plant doors; bifurcating chutes; hatches; retarders; ploughs; penstock-valves; butterfly valves; ball valves; railway points; dampers; brakes; furnace charging machines; walking beams and sampling equipment.

Click to read our Advaced Actuators Ltd - pdf logo 'Z' Series Actuator Brochure (2.4mb pdf)


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